Please read the instructions in the google forms carefully before filling in. We would like to inform you that we are in the final stages of enabling online fees payment. We will provide the payment link to students once it has been enabled which might take us a week or so.
– The last date for registration is 12-Jun-2021.
– Days and Timings are allotted on a first come, first served basis.
– In case of any clarifications you may contact via our telegram @sl_rmic. You may also subscribe to our telegram announcement channel @sl_rmic_eng (

For both successful and unsuccessful candidates of session Jan-Apr 2021, and also for interested candidates who had enrolled in sessions earlier to Jan-Apr 2021
– Kindly fill in the google form to register for the next session by clicking this link:
– Whereas successful candidates can register for the next course, unsuccessful candidates can only choose to repeat the course.

For candidates who were unable to take part in the examinations primarily due to medical reasons
– Kindly register by clicking this link:
– This does not apply to candidates who have already taken their exams.
– As we cannot hold written examinations at the School due to lockdown and other covid restrictions as of now, we have decided to allow students enrol into the next course if they pass their oral examination. This is applicable only for students of Pre-beginners, Beginners and Intermediate courses due to Senior and Advanced courses being certificate courses. For obtaining certificates in Senior and Advanced courses pass marks in written examinations are mandatory. If there are enough students these written examinations will be held separately when allowed by the government.

For Fresh Candidates
– Candidates interested in enrolling into Pre-beginners course can register by logging into their gmail account and by clicking this link:
– We will send you a student ID number to your registered email ID in proper time. This number is required while paying your fees online.
– It is not applicable for students who have already taken admission. They should not register again.


1. Freshers’ Admission
     English Pre-Beginners’ Course
     Amount payable: Rs. 1220/-

2. Promotees’Admission (From January to April 2021 session)
a) English Pre-Beginners’ to Beginners’ Course
     Amount payable: Rs.1100/-
b) English Beginners’ Course to Intermediate Course
     Amount payable: Rs.1150/-
c) English Intermediate Course to Senior Course
     Amount payable: Rs.1230/-
d) English Senior Course to Advanced Course
     Amount payable: Rs.1230/-

3. Readmission (From January to April 2021 session)
e) Re-admission to Pre-Beginners & Beginners’ Course
    Amount payable: Rs.1027/-
f)  Re-admission to Intermediate Course
    Amount payable: Rs.1074/-
g) Re-admission to Senior Course
    Amount payable: Rs.1121/-
h) Re-admission to Advanced Course
    Amount payable: Rs.1169/-

4. Drop-out candidates must pay Rs. 95/- extra along with above-mentioned amount as admission fee + GST
    (Applicable to promotes or unsuccessful students, who dropped one or more semesters)

~Principal, School of Languages, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture.